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What is the color Plum?

Plum is a dark purple color with a reddish tint. Its hex code is #4A007D. To mix plum, you will need to start with a base of red and add blue until you reach the desired hue.

The history of Plum

Plum has been a popular color throughout history. In the 12th century, it was often used to dye clothing for royalty and nobility. In the 16th century, plum became a popular color for wigs. Plum color continued to be popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was often used in portraits and landscapes.

In the 20th century, plum became a popular color for women's clothing. It is also a popular color for interior design and decorating. Plum is a popular color in the fashion industry. It is often used in clothing, accessories, and home decor.

The meaning of Plum

The color plum is a symbol of new beginnings, enthusiasm and fresh energy. It is also a color that represents strength, determination and confidence. Plum is often associated with royalty and luxury, as well as wisdom and compassion.

How to use the color Plum

Plum is a versatile color that can be used in a variety of ways to create different looks. It can be combined with other colors to create either a bold or subtle effect. When used with lighter colors, plum can create a soft and romantic look. When used with brighter colors, plum can add a touch of sophistication.

Colors that go well with plum include:

-white: This is a classic combination that can create a variety of looks, from soft and romantic to bold and sophisticated.

-black: This is a great way to make plum the focal point of your look.

-gray: This is a perfect way to create a sophisticated and elegant look.

-pink: This is a great way to soften the look of plum and create a pretty and feminine look.

-purple: This is a great way to create a bold and dramatic look.

Here are some tips on how to best use the color

rgb(221, 160, 221)
rgb(221, 160, 221)
hsl(300, 47.3%, 74.7%)
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