The smart asset
platform for creators.
Work faster, stay in creative flow and
do more with your assets in Kive.

All assets,
in one space
A space to keep and share references, assets and ideas for creative work. Build a powerful company archive, a shared team library or a small private collection. Watch your assets magically get sorted. Always find what you're looking for with advanced search. Present boards in a beautiful way.
Save things,
from anywhere
Saving all the creative things you love to one place should be easy. We grew tired of having our likes and saves spread out all over the place. Kive lets you easily import the things you love from Pinterest, Vimeo, Youtube or a folder on your computer. Capture screen shots instantly on your phone or save items in your browser with our Chrome extension.
Lean back and
get organized.
As soon as you add something to Kive, it's analysed and tagged with AI. This is incredibly powerful and means every single item you add will become discoverable not by file name or some random location, but based on its actual content. It also means you don't have to spend a second organising you library – your library organises itself.
Slice your assets
in brand new ways.
Browse your assets with Magic Boards – topic aware collections automatically organising your content. Or find what you're looking for with powerful search tools. Search for faces, emotions, locations, actions, light types, or combine them all to find exactly what you're looking for.
Share a library
with your team.
Pool your resources and get access to creative assets from friends and team members. Draw from your creative network, and work better together. Look up a reference from anywhere, when you’re on the move. Go back to archived team projects with ease, rediscover ideas and repurpose them in new projects.
Visual research,
in multiplayer.
Work in realtime with team members on boards and projects, instantly see every change and respond to it as though you're in the same room.
Present ideas,
beautifully fast.
Present beautiful boards to anyone with an instant link, get feedback faster and push updates live.
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Kive today.