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What is the color Pastel Green?

Pastel Green is a light, bright green with a hex code of #BBFF99. You can mix this color by combining equal parts of blue and yellow paint to create a green, then adding white paint until you reach the desired lightness.

The history of Pastel Green

The Pastel Green color was birthed in the 18th century during the Rococo movement. This light hue was often seen in the gowns of ladies during this time frame. The pastel green dress was a common choice for young, unmarried women. It was also said that this color could ward off evil spirits. This delightful color has remained popular throughout the centuries and can still be seen in many modern-day fashion garments.

The meaning of Pastel Green

According to color psychology, pastel green is associated with nature, health, and healing. This color is also said to represent new beginnings, hope, and growth.

Pastel green is a refreshing and soothing color. It is often used in hospital rooms and waiting areas because it has a calming effect on the nerves. This color is also said to boost the immune system and promote good health.

Pastel green is a versatile color that can be used in a variety of settings. It is perfect for spring and summertime, as it has a cheerful and optimistic energy. This color can also be used in more subdued and serious settings, as it represents growth and new beginnings.

How to use the color Pastel Green

Pastel green is a light, delicate color with a refreshing feel. It's a great choice for spring and summer, and goes well with other light colors like white, cream, and pale yellow. It's also a good complementary color for brighter shades like pink and purple.

When it comes to color theory, green is a secondary color that's made by mixing blue and yellow. It's considered a cool color because it has more blue in it. Pastel green has a slightly muted quality due to the white it's mixed with, making it a great choice for creating a calming, relaxing space.

rgb(119, 221, 119)
rgb(119, 221, 119)
hsl(120, 60%, 66.7%)
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